Our Clinicians

First Step is committed to finding you a compassionate therapist who will help you meet your treatment goals in a supportive, confidential setting.



Dr. Monica Sosnowitz is the Director of First Step Counseling in Metuchen, NJ, and Options Counseling in Paterson, NJ. A Graduate of Rutgers University (Ed.D, Psychology/Education, 1991), Dr. Sosnowitz founded First Step in 1989. She is licensed in mental health (LPC) and substance abuse (LCADC). Dr. Sosnowitz is trained in divorce mediation, is a Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Specialist and a Certified Sentence Mitigation Specialist. She has been in practice for 25 years.


first step clinicians

  • Audra Sbarra, LCSW

  • Bernadette Nolan, LCSW

  • Chris Kluckas, MA

  • Frank Baffige, Ph.D, LPC, LCADC

  • Jessica Breen, LCSW

  • Jennifer Palinkas-Chavez, LPC

  • Jennyfer Pierre, LPC

  • Joyanne Horvath, MA, SAC, CHT

  • Kristin Harden, LCSW, LCADC

  • Laura Bogash, LPC

  • Marc Rubin, LPC

  • Miriam Silverman, LCSW

  • Nicole Kearns, LPC, LCADC

  • Peter McPherson, LPC

  • Yesenia Hermann, LPC