Group Schedule

***Groups are frequently updated; please contact our office for a current schedule and information.***

adult anxiety group

Monday 7-8pm bi-weekly

For clients interested in learning skills to manage generalized anxiety, panic, social phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The focus will be challenging the way you think about situations which cause anxiety and to tackle avoidance. Discussions will focus on coping skills, including relaxation, mindfulness and grounding techniques, boundary setting, reducing stress in relationships and improving self-confidence.

Recovery Group

Alternating Monday/Tuesday - 

See front desk for pre-screening scheduling

For clients who acknowledge they are addicted to alcohol/drugs and are motivated but struggling to achieve or sustain sobriety. Psychodynamic education and support group. Focus is on education regarding addiction, relapse prevention, and recovery skills and issues. 

New Mother’s Group

Tuesday 11:45-12:45am

For women struggling with Post-partum depression after the birth of a child and/or any issues related to being a new mother. The group will focus on acquiring coping skills, building a cohesive support system, and utilizing resources.

Young Adult Group

Tuesday 7-8pm bi-weekly

For clients post high school to mid-twenties, this co-ed process/education group is for individuals who are coming into adulthood while struggling with a mental health issue, an environmental problem, relationship issue, and alcohol/drug experimentation. The focus will be building empathy, decision making, identity development, and touching on multiple topics depending on the needs of the participants.

For voluntary and mandated clients aged 8th grade through high school. This process/education group is for those suffering from mental health, social/peer pressure, sexual orientation, gender identity, families with alcohol/drug issues. Focus is on building empathy, increasing self-esteem, and healthy coping and decision making.

Behavioral and S/A Group

Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm


Behavioral and S/A Group

Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm

For clients who have current legal issues (i.e. probation, DYFS, Court proceedings, JCC, Anger Management, S/A.) These groups are also for clients that may be resistant to counseling.

Relationship Group

Thursday 7:30-8:30PM monthly

See front desk for pre-screening scheduling

For clients struggling with relationship issues such as being in a dysfunctional or unfulfilling one, feeling stuck in one, confused about how they feel about theirs, having recently ended one and trying to figure out what’s next, or for one who wants to end a relationship but is struggling with doing it. This group focuses on psychodynamic education of healthy verse unhealthy relationship behavior, communication, fair fighting, implementing choices, getting feedback and support.

IDRC Mandated Group

Thursday 7:00-8:00PM

This group is for clients mandated by the IDRC (Intoxicated Driver Resource Center.) This group is for all ages and provides education on alcohol and other substances.

Woman’s Group

Saturday 11:30AM-12:30PM monthly


This group is to provide a safe and supportive environment to express unexplored feelings and thoughts and to share these feelings with those who share the struggle. Topics may include: surviving trauma, fostering healthy relationships, raising self-esteem, grief/loss, divorce and dealing with issues of anger, depression, anxiety, stress, and life transitions.

Parents with special needs children group

saturday 12:30-1:30pm

A support group for parents with chrildren with special needs, to provide a safe and supportive environment to express unexplored feelings and thoughts, and to share experiences, suggestions, and resources.